I just recently started a job at Mellow Mushroom and I work in the kitchen. I absolutely love it. It is incredible. It can be kind of stressful when we get really busy, but it is so fun. I love my coworkers and putting food together.

I applied and was hired on the spot. I was nervous at first, but now I am excited to go in. I actually look forward to going in to work.

The uniforms are cute and comfortable. The managers are nice and actually care about your well being. I wish that I would have applied sooner so that I could work there for longer. If you have a Mellow in your town, then you show totally apply! You might love it!


Our Movie

Mackenzie and I have been filming a documentary about the process behind the book we are writing. We film interviews, idea sessions, etc. We like to let family read little pieces of it and then we film their reactions.

Filming this is pretty fun. We get to show others how we act and think. It is also annoying having a camera shoved in your face when it’s 2 in the morning and you have been writing for 3 straight hours.

I hope this movie goes well and that our book gets published. I guess we will have to wait and see.


I figured since it is the first day of Spring I should write a post about what I hope to accomplish this spring. The weather is nice and I am feeling motivated.

This Spring I hope to:

  • Make the Dean’s List again
  • Have deeper relationships with my friends
  • Get a job
  • Have my photography business take off
  • Save money
  • Plan a trip
  • Write my book
  • Work on my documentary
  • Edit videos
  • Finish my website


This week for CA 260, we are required to make a Weebly account and set up a website. Weebly has many features that help make it easy to use. It allows you to write, blog, drag and drop, and sell your product online. It also allows you to edit and manage your website from your phone. These features are great for people just now learning web design.

These features helped me a lot because I am new to web design. I have zero background knowledge and this kind of stuff is hard for me. You can probably tell by my blog. 🙂 I was really confused at first using Weebly, but I figured it out.

I just set my account up like five minutes ago. I had to register with my email and then pick a domain for my site. I picked Please don’t look at it yet. I literally haven’t done any work to it yet because I’m sitting in the hallway of school waiting on my class to start. I have zero time to work on it right now.

Then I had to pick a theme. I picked Vivian because I like the picture against the gray background. I think they look nice together and will be perfect for what I hope to accomplish with my website. I think that I will keep this these as long as it continues to look nice. I might play around with the themes and find something that looks better, but I don’t know if I’ll do that yet. We’ll see.

AAAnnnnd I don’t feel like posting a picture with this post because I feel like it doesn’t really serve a purpose. I feel like it is a waste of a good picture to stick it on to some boring text. I want to save my pictures for the personal posts because I pour a lot of myself into those and the pictures show who I am too.


This week in class we are discussing blogging and the do’s and don’ts. One of the main do’s that I use in order to have a successful blog is to plan. I have all of my daily posts outlined and topics picked out for the next few months. I also have effective pictures (or I like to think that I do) for every post. I’m always myself when I post and I stay true to myself.

There are several don’ts that I try to avoid, but I am not good at it. For example I write long paragraphs like the previous one. I tend to be a negative person sometimes. I can’t really help it. It’s been hardwired into my brain. My goals are extremely unrealistic. I want to be blog famous because that’s all that teenage girls really want. I have set myself up to climb the blogging latter.

These do’s and don’ts can definitely be applied to my future career field. I want to be able to get my paint across to the public without being too wordy and boring. I want to be able to inform people of my company’s products and work without making them click off because they are bored.

Each week I will take steps to ensure that my blog posts are readable and entertaining. I try to pick topics that people actually care about. I try to make it interesting. I pick pictures that I have taken that correlate to the topic that I think are pleasing to look at. I think that these steps make my blog memorable and worthwhile.