CA 260

CA 260 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. I have learned a lot in this. I have learned about coding, websites, blogs, and so much more. One of my favorite things that we did this semester was creating websites.

Websites can be very important in the professional word, especially in the world of Strategic Communication. Knowing how to successfully create and operate a website will be a huge help in my future career. It will also help when trying to find that career. My website is a good way to showcase myself as a serious Communication major and show potential employers my abilities.

My website is and I love the way that it turned out. We have to present our websites to the class on Monday. I am excited to see how everyone’s websites turned out.

One of the best parts of the website project was the design part. I enjoyed picking out what design I wanted and figuring out how to put my pictures on the site in the best way. I wanted to seem professional and organized.

The tools on Weebly were easy to use and it was fun figuring out what the tools did. There was one time that the site glitched up and I had to contact the help service because a feature that I added to my page wouldn’t go away when I clicked on the “x”. The help service contacted me back immediately and solved the problem.

I loved learning how to use Weebly.



I figured since it is the first day of Spring I should write a post about what I hope to accomplish this spring. The weather is nice and I am feeling motivated.

This Spring I hope to:

  • Make the Dean’s List again
  • Have deeper relationships with my friends
  • Get a job
  • Have my photography business take off
  • Save money
  • Plan a trip
  • Write my book
  • Work on my documentary
  • Edit videos
  • Finish my website

Dauphin Island

Today, I took Halee and Mackenzie to the beach with me. We shot some video and took some pictures. It was really fun. We lied out under the sun for hours and enjoyed the water.

This is one of my favorite places. There is never a lot of people there so when I go, I feel like I have the entire beach to myself. I can sit and read and get the best pictures.

Eye Project

For the past few days, my laptop has not been allowing me to upload pictures to wordpress, so I have not been able to post. However, I think the problem has been solved since it is letting me post this picture of Mackenzie’s eye.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take on a project that I am calling the Eye Project. I believe that eyes can tell a lot about a person. They tell stories and if you really look into them, you can sometimes learn these stories. They hold happiness, sadness, anger, wonder, and so many more emotions. I wanted to see all of this in people.

I have been taking pictures of people’s eyes. I have pictures of family, friends, and even strangers. I look at the pictures and try to imagine what all the eyes have seen, where all they have been, and where all they are going. I think about the times they have cried in both sadness and joy. The times that they have looked at the person that they love. Eyes tell so much.

I have often heard that the eyes are the portal to the soul and I can definitely believe it.

Promotional Video


I had to make a promotional video for my website and I decided to use my younger sister, Halee, in the video instead of myself. She is often a model for my pictures and so I thought that it would be a good idea to have a small interview from her so that others could hear about her experiences and become customers.

I would love to have more models for my photography. I have a hard time finding males who would be willing to model. I am hoping that the video will bring in some business. I do senior pictures and I would love to sell prints of my pictures.

My site isn’t well organized yet because I decided halfway through that I wanted to change the way that I organized it. I like it much more this way, but it is stressful trying to put it back together and delete repeat pictures. I am hoping that I will have it all sorted out very soon.

The video turned out better than expected. It was windy, but I edited out the background noise in the video. Halee was a really good sport and helped me shoot it pretty quickly. I would really love to shoot a longer video and maybe have more people in it. If I shoot a longer video then I would like to showcase more types of photography that I do and maybe even mention that prints are for sale. It’s a work in process.

I would love for you to check out the promotional video and maybe give it a thumbs up on youtube. I worked really hard on it and would really appreciate it.

The Swamp at Sunset

Yesterday, I was feeling extremely motivated. I have been having trouble with motivation here lately. I haven’t felt like doing my school work and I hadn’t picked up my camera in forever. Well yesterday, something changed. I haven’t been able to put my camera down.

Around 5, I decided I wanted to go to my university because there is a swamp there that I had never taken pictures of. Mackenzie, my sister, her friend, Kendall, and Liam all decided to go with me. As we were leaving, Mackenzie’s car started to mess up and we had to fix it before we could leave.

We finally got it working and then had to drive the 15 minutes to school. It became a race to get to the bridge over the swamp before the sun went down and we lost the light. My heart raced as I flew around corners and passed cars.

We finally made it. The sun was in the perfect position and it reflected its yellow light across the water. All of my friends and I stood in awe as the sun slowly moved down behind the trees. Its light and warmth touched our skin for as long as it could and then it was gone, replaced by pinks and oranges in the sky.

We followed up our experience with a quick hike on one of our walking trails. It was perfect.