This is my nana. She is the best person that I know. I took this picture on my birthday this past year. She took me to Rock and Roll sushi (my favorite restaurant) and was writing me out a birthday card. She has always given me the sweetest notes and cards throughout my life for every holiday and birthday. I am missing her a lot today. She is still in Birmingham and being four hours away from her is hard.

Today is her birthday. I wish that I was in Birmingham to see her. I would love to hug her and curl up in bed beside her and watch a movie like I did when I was little. I would do anything to be able to be at her house right now.

My nana has taught me so much about being a woman and always seeing the positive in every situation. She has been my light in a lot of dark times. She says that I am her sunshine and, well, she is mine, too. Her positivity and love stretch out and touch everyone that she meets. Her life is full of friends and family. I hope that one day I can be the kind of person that she is. I love my nana.


Shell Island

Every year, my family takes a vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. I have gone every year since I was 2 and therefore, can’t imagine a summer without going. We stay for a week and do your typical family things: eating out, swimming, beach days, blah, blah, blah. Well, for the past three or four years we have been doing something that was new to me and still continues to be exciting.

Now, every year my family will rent a boat and we will take it out to Shell Island to go snorkeling for the day. We see dauphins, jellyfish, stingrays, crabs, sea urchins, blowfish, and so much more every time we go. It really changes the way you think about the ocean. There is just something about actually swimming with these incredible creatures and seeing how they thrive in the wild that gives you a new appreciation for it.

After snorkeling for several hours, we will take the boat to the island and get off. We walk about a quarter mile to the other side of the island. The island is covered with tall grass that blows in the breeze and is only broken by one trail that leads to the other side. The sand is pure white and so hot you have to practically jog across. It always leads to a fun race between the adults and children.

Once to the other side we all just stop running. We stop running, talking, laughing and we just look. I’ve been several years now and I still find the beach mesmerizing. It is almost always empty when we go. Maybe once or twice has there been another small family, but they are usually so far away that they are reduced to just little figures dancing in the sun.

The ocean is cool and refreshing after the walk across the island. Its pale green waves welcome us in and seem to call us. The large waves carry us up and down and the curious fish come to see us. We spend the rest of our day here and enjoy having the ocean to ourselves. It almost feels like we have the entire ocean to ourselves.

Then we take the boat back and watch as the dauphins chase us. The sun sets and we finish off the day with a movie, singing, dancing, and laughing.

Our Movie

Mackenzie and I have been filming a documentary about the process behind the book we are writing. We film interviews, idea sessions, etc. We like to let family read little pieces of it and then we film their reactions.

Filming this is pretty fun. We get to show others how we act and think. It is also annoying having a camera shoved in your face when it’s 2 in the morning and you have been writing for 3 straight hours.

I hope this movie goes well and that our book gets published. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Strawberry Fields Across the Universe

Mackenzie introduced me to this movie about a year ago, and since then I have watched it close to 50 times. It is absolutely incredible. (SPOILER ALERT)

So, the music in this movie is A+. They sing famous Beatles songs and put their own Across the Universe spin on them. Their version of “Hey Jude” is by far my favorite. The acting is great and the way they filmed it is fun and enjoyable to watch.

The characters are relatable and the plot is not too complex to follow. The movie has a lighthearted feel and shows a love that could reach across the universe.

I do, however, have one thing I don’t like. The character, Lucy, is actually the worst. I always want to skip past her parts.

This movie is music, sex, drugs, travel, fun, dancing, and so much more wrapped up in over an hour of excitement.

I highly recommend this movie to people who enjoy musicals that are actually fun to sing along to and like a good love story.

Image Source: Jenn Salvatore



Halee is my younger sister. She will be turning 16 in May. We are pretty close now, but growing up we hated each other. We would fight all of the time and we couldn’t even be around each other.

Halee is pretty, determined, and hard working.

As we have gotten older and matured some, we have become a lot closer. Now we try to help each other out, tell secrets, and actually enjoy each other’s company. She likes to help me with my photography. She models for my pictures and videos and in turn I drive her around places since she can’t drive (no license yet).

Halee is funny, smart, and independent.

We occasionally fight, but it is never over anything serous. We fight over things like who has to make the sweet tea and who gets to ride up front in the car.

Halee is happy, friendly, and understanding.

I can’t wait to see what life holds for her. I hope she gets where she wants to be in life and enjoys the ride there.


I figured since it is the first day of Spring I should write a post about what I hope to accomplish this spring. The weather is nice and I am feeling motivated.

This Spring I hope to:

  • Make the Dean’s List again
  • Have deeper relationships with my friends
  • Get a job
  • Have my photography business take off
  • Save money
  • Plan a trip
  • Write my book
  • Work on my documentary
  • Edit videos
  • Finish my website

WTF (but in a good way)

Okay so last night I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for hours before giving up and turning on my t.v. and watching a couple of movies. This post is about the two movies that I watched so SPOILER ALERT.

The first movie that I watched was 10 Cloverfield Lane. I give it 5/5 stars. It started out kind of slow,  but a lot of good movies do so I stuck through it. Then it turned into your typical suspense movie. Then it got really good. I was jumping and hiding my eyes because I was so nervous watching it. Then when she finally escapes just to realize that the guy wasn’t actually lying I lost it. I was actually screaming “WTF” at my t.v. I was in panic mode as I watched her run around and try to escape from the aliens. I thought they did a really good job with this movie and I wouldn’t be mad if there was a part 2.

The second movie I watched was Swiss Army Man. I didn’t think that I would like this movie. It looked so stupid in the commercials. There were a few times that I was saying “WTF” in a weirded out way (like the parts about the boner compass), but overall I liked it. I thought it had a good story and that it was executed very well. The movie left me laughing out loud and saying “WTF” while smiling.

I recommend these movies to anyone who wants to say “WTF”, but in a good way.


I haven’t posted in a few days because I have been super busy. I am trying to get my photography business up and running, finish up midterms, enjoy spring break, job hunt, and pack up my stuff so I can move into our new house. Life has been moving at what seems like 100 mph.

That’s why I decided to post about the time I went skydiving. I decided that because I was falling at 120 mph that day. My cousin, Reece, was about to join the military and so he would be gone for a year. He decided that the last thing that he wanted to do before he left was go skydiving.

I agreed and we were soon on our way to Skydive Georgia (I wasn’t old enough to skydive in Alabama). We walked into the small building, signed up, paid, and then waited. We had our instructors strap us into our harnesses and give us the quick 10 second tutorial for jumping. Not even thirty minutes later they were calling our names to jump.

I paid to have a guy jump with me to take pictures and a video (I’ll add the link later). We boarded the plane (it was my first time on a plane so I was nervous) and our instructors strapped us to them.

I watched people jump and was so excited. Reece and his instructor jumped before I did. Then it was my turn. We slid to the back of the plane and then that was it. We did a backflip in the air and I could see the plane getting further away. I put out my arms and let the wind blow against my face. I felt like I was flying. We jumped from 14,500 ft and I loved every second of it.

Mardi Gras

This year was my first year to celebrate Mardi Gras. I absolutely loved it. I had a little bit of an idea of what it would be like from what people had told me, but nothing can really prepare you for it.

It is an entire month of partying and celebration. Every weekend, parades full of floats, bands, horses, dancers, etc. go down the streets. The best part is that they are throwing you stuff. They throw beads, stuffed animals, cups, coasters, moon pies, crème pies, ribbons, and other little toys. The crowds go crazy over the stuff.

My backseat in my car is full of all of this stuff. I received over 300 bead necklaces. It’s so many beads that I don’t know what to do with them.

Fat Tuesday is the last day of celebration. It is on the last day of February and it is crazy. It is when the best parades and parties are. Everyone goes crazy and spends all day having fun. They spend all day in the sun and all night drinking and dancing.

The only bad part is that you have to return back to work and school on Wednesday. I am so looking forward to next year.

Geology Club

Geology Club is one of the best things that I have ever been a part of. The people in the club are so smart and so good at what they do.

We go on fieldtrips to super cool places around Alabama and the surrounding states. We went to Dismals Canyon and went cave exploring last semester. This semester, we are going to Hogg Mine in LaGrange, Georgia. What’s fun about the trips is that we get to go camping. Camping with your friends is the best kind.

We have movie nights where we all get together and commentate the movies. It is so fun having everyone making jokes the entire time. It makes movie watching more enjoyable.

We also get to participate in the school’s homecoming parade. This is one of my favorite things. I love parades, but being a part of them is even better than watching them.

Geology Club is one of my favorite things. I plan on being a member every year that I’m in college. I love it. They know how to make rocks interesting.