CA 260

CA 260 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. I have learned a lot in this. I have learned about coding, websites, blogs, and so much more. One of my favorite things that we did this semester was creating websites.

Websites can be very important in the professional word, especially in the world of Strategic Communication. Knowing how to successfully create and operate a website will be a huge help in my future career. It will also help when trying to find that career. My website is a good way to showcase myself as a serious Communication major and show potential employers my abilities.

My website is and I love the way that it turned out. We have to present our websites to the class on Monday. I am excited to see how everyone’s websites turned out.

One of the best parts of the website project was the design part. I enjoyed picking out what design I wanted and figuring out how to put my pictures on the site in the best way. I wanted to seem professional and organized.

The tools on Weebly were easy to use and it was fun figuring out what the tools did. There was one time that the site glitched up and I had to contact the help service because a feature that I added to my page wouldn’t go away when I clicked on the “x”. The help service contacted me back immediately and solved the problem.

I loved learning how to use Weebly.


Strawberry Fields Across the Universe

Mackenzie introduced me to this movie about a year ago, and since then I have watched it close to 50 times. It is absolutely incredible. (SPOILER ALERT)

So, the music in this movie is A+. They sing famous Beatles songs and put their own Across the Universe spin on them. Their version of “Hey Jude” is by far my favorite. The acting is great and the way they filmed it is fun and enjoyable to watch.

The characters are relatable and the plot is not too complex to follow. The movie has a lighthearted feel and shows a love that could reach across the universe.

I do, however, have one thing I don’t like. The character, Lucy, is actually the worst. I always want to skip past her parts.

This movie is music, sex, drugs, travel, fun, dancing, and so much more wrapped up in over an hour of excitement.

I highly recommend this movie to people who enjoy musicals that are actually fun to sing along to and like a good love story.

Image Source: Jenn Salvatore


Web Design Training

This week in class we continued to code. We have been working on the same code for a few weeks now and just have been adding on to it. It is pretty cool watching things change and improve just by typing out a code. Our professor wasn’t here this week because he had just gotten married (congrats btw Willis). Our sub professor was super cool. She was funny and thought coding in a new way. I like her way better (sorry Willis).

So this week I had to read and decide which ones would be most useful to me.

One of the most helpful tools I found was the W3Schools. I have actually used this site before when learning how to code. It was super easy to understand and it helped me out tremendously.

I also like the Google Code University. Coding it taught by the actual developers of Google! I think that is so cool because they do a great job. It offers tutorials that walk people through the coding process.

There are a lot of other sites that help with coding and web design on this link. There are 22 sites to be exact. You should go check them out if you are interested in web design.

If CA 260 was taught completely online, it would be a completely different class. I would enjoy it a lot less. I would get a lot less out of it as a student as well. I have a hard time learning from strictly online courses. I need to see things done, be able to ask questions, and see if I’m correct and that’s hard to do when your professor is miles away. I like CA 260 just the way it is.


This week in class we are writing a proposal for our websites. It should be pretty easy and it is a good way to really look at what you want for your site.

The module assignment this week is to recommend a CMS to a local business who is looking to build a website. We were required to read “3 open source content management systems compared” by Nitish Tiwari ( It is a pretty interesting and helpful article. It lists three widely used CMS platforms and compares them. He compares Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. His comparisons are “based on this criteria: installation complexity, available plugin/themes, ease of use, and more.”

If I had to recommend a CMS to a local business then I would recommend WordPress. I have experience with WordPress and know how to operate it. I know that it is a good site because I use it for myself. It is extremely easy to use and figure out. I think it would be perfect for a small business. Especially since it is also cheap. My WordPress is FREE and it is not that much more expensive to add on other features. Tiwari says, “WordPress is the winner for customization and upgrades. That means it will be easy if you alone or a small team of people are planning to set up the website.”

It has many helpful features that a business can use. You can add videos, text, and pictures. You can also add code to it. There are ecommerce options.

I would highly recommend WordPress to anyone or business who wanted to start a website. It is awesome.


This week in class, we have been learning how to properly edit pictures and put them on our Weebly pages. I think it’s pretty cool. I like seeing how different I can make the pictures look, but I don’t like to use edited pictures when I do photography. I feel like it’s not as honest.

Well this week we had to read the following:

We also had to watch the following:

In today’s world, “Sites…feature video for every imaginable use and visitors and users have grown to anticipate this engaging medium” ( Video has become a huge part of all websites. People expect it and when there’s not a video then people are often taken aback.

A video on my site could help showcase the primary purpose of my website. It could let people know who my target audience is and why I would like to reach them. It could show the meaning behind my work and so viewers could be more aware and understanding of the meaning. The last reason is that video can show why I take pictures and post them for all to see.

If I had to make a video for my website I would want it to be artsy. I would include a lot about where I take pictures and have a little bit about why. I wouldn’t want a lot of talking. I would want for the video to kind of speak for itself.

I would need a lot of equipment in order to make my video. I would need a DSLR camera so that my shots would look really nice and professional. I would like to look into external light sources because I think they would work nicely for what I would want to do. I would also need really good editing software. I think that will all of these tools, I could have a very professional looking video. It’s too bad I’m broke.

Cruising through the Gulf

My last personal post was about my trip to Mexico so I decided to write about the cruise there (it was a carnival cruise). It was my first cruise and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first stepped onto the ship in New Orleans. It was huge and fancy.

The first night was spent coasting down the Mississippi River. The next morning when I woke up, there was no land in sight. Ocean surrounded me on all sides as far as the eye could see. I was scared because it was my first time being that far away from land.

There was so much to do. We had fancy dinners, went to clubs, gambled, and made the best friends. There were people from all over the world on the ship with us. The diners were my favorite because you got all gussied up and had the best food. I felt like I was in a five star restaurant. It was so much fun.

We sat in the sun during the day and stayed up all night. I probably slept one full night and just power napped the other night with occasional naps during the day by the pool.

I want to take more cruises now that I know how fun they are. I would really like to take a cruise to Alaska. I hear that those are the best cruises to take.


This week for CA 260, we are required to make a Weebly account and set up a website. Weebly has many features that help make it easy to use. It allows you to write, blog, drag and drop, and sell your product online. It also allows you to edit and manage your website from your phone. These features are great for people just now learning web design.

These features helped me a lot because I am new to web design. I have zero background knowledge and this kind of stuff is hard for me. You can probably tell by my blog. 🙂 I was really confused at first using Weebly, but I figured it out.

I just set my account up like five minutes ago. I had to register with my email and then pick a domain for my site. I picked Please don’t look at it yet. I literally haven’t done any work to it yet because I’m sitting in the hallway of school waiting on my class to start. I have zero time to work on it right now.

Then I had to pick a theme. I picked Vivian because I like the picture against the gray background. I think they look nice together and will be perfect for what I hope to accomplish with my website. I think that I will keep this these as long as it continues to look nice. I might play around with the themes and find something that looks better, but I don’t know if I’ll do that yet. We’ll see.

AAAnnnnd I don’t feel like posting a picture with this post because I feel like it doesn’t really serve a purpose. I feel like it is a waste of a good picture to stick it on to some boring text. I want to save my pictures for the personal posts because I pour a lot of myself into those and the pictures show who I am too.


This week in class we are discussing blogging and the do’s and don’ts. One of the main do’s that I use in order to have a successful blog is to plan. I have all of my daily posts outlined and topics picked out for the next few months. I also have effective pictures (or I like to think that I do) for every post. I’m always myself when I post and I stay true to myself.

There are several don’ts that I try to avoid, but I am not good at it. For example I write long paragraphs like the previous one. I tend to be a negative person sometimes. I can’t really help it. It’s been hardwired into my brain. My goals are extremely unrealistic. I want to be blog famous because that’s all that teenage girls really want. I have set myself up to climb the blogging latter.

These do’s and don’ts can definitely be applied to my future career field. I want to be able to get my paint across to the public without being too wordy and boring. I want to be able to inform people of my company’s products and work without making them click off because they are bored.

Each week I will take steps to ensure that my blog posts are readable and entertaining. I try to pick topics that people actually care about. I try to make it interesting. I pick pictures that I have taken that correlate to the topic that I think are pleasing to look at. I think that these steps make my blog memorable and worthwhile.

First Post of the Year

My name is Destiny Williams. I am sophomore at the University of South Alabama working towards my degree in Strategic Communication. I am a member of the Geology Club and on the Dean’s List. I really love my school and my peers here.

I am starting this blog mostly because it’s an assignment for a class, but also because blogs allow you to express yourself. I can say things on here that I couldn’t normally just say. Blogs are a way to show you who I am. I do not read any other blogs, but I would like to start. I will probably keep up with the blogs of my classmates so I can learn more about who they are.

I am hoping that I pick up some useful skills by doing this blog that I can use in my future profession. I would like to do PR at an oil company. I am not sure which one yet. I guess it just depends on who is hiring. This blog will teach me to keep up with others’ thoughts and feelings and will come in handy in the future if I need to run a blog or website for my future employer. I could use a blog to keep in touch with customers and help show a more personal side to the oil business.

I would not have been able to make this blog without the help of this link (