Shell Island

Every year, my family takes a vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. I have gone every year since I was 2 and therefore, can’t imagine a summer without going. We stay for a week and do your┬átypical family things: eating out, swimming, beach days, blah, blah, blah. Well, for the past three or four years we have been doing something that was new to me and still continues to be exciting.

Now, every year my family will rent a boat and we will take it out to Shell Island to go snorkeling for the day. We see dauphins, jellyfish, stingrays, crabs, sea urchins, blowfish, and so much more every time we go. It really changes the way you think about the ocean. There is just something about actually swimming with these incredible creatures and seeing how they thrive in the wild that gives you a new appreciation for it.

After snorkeling for several hours, we will take the boat to the island and get off. We walk about a quarter mile to the other side of the island. The island is covered with tall grass that blows in the breeze and is only broken by one trail that leads to the other side. The sand is pure white and so hot you have to practically jog across. It always leads to a fun race between the adults and children.

Once to the other side we all just stop running. We stop running, talking, laughing and we just look. I’ve been several years now and I still find the beach mesmerizing. It is almost always empty when we go. Maybe once or twice has there been another small family, but they are usually so far away that they are reduced to just little figures dancing in the sun.

The ocean is cool and refreshing after the walk across the island. Its pale green waves welcome us in and seem to call us. The large waves carry us up and down and the curious fish come to see us. We spend the rest of our day here and enjoy having the ocean to ourselves. It almost feels like we have the entire ocean to ourselves.

Then we take the boat back and watch as the dauphins chase us. The sun sets and we finish off the day with a movie, singing, dancing, and laughing.


Dauphin Island

Today, I took Halee and Mackenzie to the beach with me. We shot some video and took some pictures. It was really fun. We lied out under the sun for hours and enjoyed the water.

This is one of my favorite places. There is never a lot of people there so when I go, I feel like I have the entire beach to myself. I can sit and read and get the best pictures.

That Day at the Beach

About a month ago, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to the beach. The air was cold and the beach was almost empty. It was overcast and so the clouds kept the warm away. It was nice.

We wore sweaters, laid out on a blanket, and smoked a few cigarettes. It was nice to just lie there and listen to the waves. We watched children chase birds and tourists take pictures.

We decided to end our day there by having a sand fight. Sand stuck to us and filled our shoes, but we didn’t care. I was a perfect day.

Mobile, Alabama

I moved to Mobile, Alabama, in May. It is probably one of the best places that I have ever lived. Everything about it is just incredible. I have loved it since day one. One of my favorite things about it is the weather. It is so warm and sunny (most of the time). It rains here sometimes. It’s not often, but when it does it pours. It’s currently 70 degrees in January. The flowers are blooming and everything is green. Palm trees line the streets and you get the beach feel everywhere you go.

There is also a lot of fun things to do here. There’s an art┬ámuseum, history museum, U.S.S. Alabama, restaurants, shopping, trampoline parks, alligator viewing, the bay, etc. A person never really gets bored here. If you don’t have money to go out then you can just go to the pier or even the beach. There is an underwater tunnel and the longest bridge in Alabama stretches between Mobile and Daphne.

Beach days are the best because you are so close to it. You can go as often as you would like and you never really tire of it because you go when you want to.

The best time to be in Mobile is during Mardi Gras. For weeks, everyone celebrates and parties. Balls and dances occur and parades march down the streets. Everything closes down on fat Tuesday and people spend the entire day celebrating.

The people here are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. They take southern hospitality seriously here. The University of South Alabama is here and so there are lots of educated young people.

Mobile is a place that I will always call home. It has brought many new and exciting adventures and amazing friends.

Mobile is absolutely incredible. If you can’t move here you should definitely visit. I don’t think you will be disappointed.