I haven’t posted in a few days because I have been super busy. I am trying to get my photography business up and running, finish up midterms, enjoy spring break, job hunt, and pack up my stuff so I can move into our new house. Life has been moving at what seems like 100 mph.

That’s why I decided to post about the time I went skydiving. I decided that because I was falling at 120 mph that day. My cousin, Reece, was about to join the military and so he would be gone for a year. He decided that the last thing that he wanted to do before he left was go skydiving.

I agreed and we were soon on our way to Skydive Georgia (I wasn’t old enough to skydive in Alabama). We walked into the small building, signed up, paid, and then waited. We had our instructors strap us into our harnesses and give us the quick 10 second tutorial for jumping. Not even thirty minutes later they were calling our names to jump.

I paid to have a guy jump with me to take pictures and a video (I’ll add the link later). We boarded the plane (it was my first time on a plane so I was nervous) and our instructors strapped us to them.

I watched people jump and was so excited. Reece and his instructor jumped before I did. Then it was my turn. We slid to the back of the plane and then that was it. We did a backflip in the air and I could see the plane getting further away. I put out my arms and let the wind blow against my face. I felt like I was flying. We jumped from 14,500 ft and I loved every second of it.


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