This week in class, we have been learning how to properly edit pictures and put them on our Weebly pages. I think it’s pretty cool. I like seeing how different I can make the pictures look, but I don’t like to use edited pictures when I do photography. I feel like it’s not as honest.

Well this week we had to read the following:

We also had to watch the following:

In today’s world, “Sites…feature video for every imaginable use and visitors and users have grown to anticipate this engaging medium” ( Video has become a huge part of all websites. People expect it and when there’s not a video then people are often taken aback.

A video on my site could help showcase the primary purpose of my website. It could let people know who my target audience is and why I would like to reach them. It could show the meaning behind my work and so viewers could be more aware and understanding of the meaning. The last reason is that video can show why I take pictures and post them for all to see.

If I had to make a video for my website I would want it to be artsy. I would include a lot about where I take pictures and have a little bit about why. I wouldn’t want a lot of talking. I would want for the video to kind of speak for itself.

I would need a lot of equipment in order to make my video. I would need a DSLR camera so that my shots would look really nice and professional. I would like to look into external light sources because I think they would work nicely for what I would want to do. I would also need really good editing software. I think that will all of these tools, I could have a very professional looking video. It’s too bad I’m broke.


2 thoughts on “Video

  1. I love the idea of the video for your website speaking to how and why you take pictures. It’s good to have the video speak for itself since that is what photos do! I do agree though that it’s too bad we are broke, haha!


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