My Field of Flowers

My house sits on 10 acres and most of that land is one large field in the back/side of my yard. It is separated from my actual “backyard” by medium sized trees and azalea bushes. The azalea bushes are in full bloom this time of year and their purple flowers line the sides of my yard and driveway.

The field also is full of other purple flowers and a lot of yellow ones. There are also some camellia bushes with big white and pink flowers. A long yet narrow path is the only thing noticeably touched by humans. I sometimes walk the trail and my cat walks silently at my feet. The yellow flowers stand tall and seem to protect most of the field from people walking on it.

There is one very large tree that is perfect for shade on hot days. I like to sit under it on a blanket and read a good book. My cat, Ave, and/or my chickens will come to investigate my presence in the field. It usually ends up with all four of us curled up under the tree.

I wouldn’t trade a walk through my field of flowers at sunset for anything.


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