Mobile Museum of Art

One of my favorite places to go is the Mobile Museum of Art. Is it absolutely incredible. When I lived in Birmingham, I went to the Birmingham Museum of Art quite often, but I like the one in Mobile much more.

The first thing that I like about it is its size. It is a medium sized museum. It’s not so big that you are overwhelmed with the amount of art and it’s not so small that you get bored or feel disappointed. It is just the right size.

The next thing that I like about it is the art itself. There is a very wide variety of art and it is organized by style and time period. As you walk through the halls and through the rooms it’s almost as if you are walking through time and across continents. Every once in a while, they bring in new art to display and it is usually more modern. I appreciate the modern art, but not as much as the older art. The photography hallway is my favorite. Photography just speaks to me.

The final thing that I like about the museum is that the art doesn’t stop once you walk out of the front doors. There is a pathway that leads down to a small lake in the back. There is art littering the yard all the way down to the large wooden bridge that crosses the lake. The bridge takes a person across to the other side where a large playground waits for people to use it.

The Mobile Museum of Art is one of my favorite places. I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip to Mobile.


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