University of South Alabama

Today I want to write about my school and how much I love it. The picture that I picked for the blog post today is of Mackenzie eating a fruit roll up for breakfast at 7:45 a.m. I picked it because it made me laugh and because I felt that it accurately summed up what 8 a.m. classes are like. You can see just how tired and done she is with the day and it hasn’t even started.

My school is absolutely incredible. Everything from the food to the classes rock. Even the people are just the best. Everyone is so nice here and the professors genuinely care about you. Finding professors that care can be difficult at other schools.

There is so much to do here. It isn’t a party school and it’s not in a party town so your academics don’t suffer. It isn’t boring though either. It has the perfect balance of fun and school. It allows for students to juggle a successful school, home, and social life.

The campus is beautiful. There are flowers and palm trees everywhere. We also have ponds and a swamp on campus. It has alligators! Freaking alligators! I mean, is your school that cool? If you thought the alligators were cool then you’ll probably love this next part…We have fresh water jellyfish in our pond. That’s pretty cool in my opinion.

We have a pool, epic rec center, tons of restaurants, cool dorms, and a huge library that is made mostly of windows.

If you are a high school student looking for a good school then I encourage you to look into South. I love it and this place has become my home. The people here have become my family.

Go Jags!


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