Weebly Continued

This week in class we have been learning how to code. I am honestly not a fan. It’s too complicated for me, but I do like the feeling I get when I look at what I created from code. It feels like I have created something from nothing.

Well as you can see from the featured image, I was required to sketch out my website on a piece of paper. My website is dbwilliamsphotography.weebly.com if you would like to check it out. Sketching out the site made me realize what features worked better in different places. I could look at my entire sight as a whole and find where I need to add things and where I need to remove things in order to have my site look cohesive.

This week I had to watch two videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t14MwuWH_ts&feature=youtu.be and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSMHdqVa21A&feature=youtu.be) and look at a website (http://venturi-web-design.com/planning-a-website-organizing-your-content-a-short-guide-for-beginners/) in order to find tips on how to make my site better.

I learned that my main menu should show what my site is going to be about and be organized by importance. I learned to organize my pages into logical categories. Another tip mentioned was to include a home page, about page, and contact page. It is important to separate each service offered on to a separate page. And finally, it taught me to know and understand my target audience so I can know what content to include on my site.

The videos and website were very helpful this week. I especially liked the one about creating new pages on Weebly. I have been having trouble figuring it out and the video helped me to create some. Anyone having trouble with Weebly should check it out.


3 thoughts on “Weebly Continued

  1. Destiny, sketching out all of the pages for your site on one piece of paper is such a good idea! I never thought to put them all on one page to get a more comprehensive view of the overall site.


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