The statue of Vulcan sits in Birmingham, AL. It has a glass elevator and a walkway around his feet. He stands as a symbol of strength for the city of iron.

A person can view him from almost any part of the city. He is a uniting figure for the people. He also is a very important part of my life.

I love the Vulcan statue. I love what is stands for and what it means to the city. It also means a lot to me. My grandfather was one of the men to paint this great statue. It was hard work and didn’t pay much, but he did it anyway.

A person can always come here if they are looking for a small adrenaline rush or a great view of the city. All a person has to do is climb on the glass elevator and watch as the world gets further away.

When you are up there, everything else seems to melt away. You are overcome by the beauty of Birmingham and your nerves are working overtime from the height, but I never mind. I would spend every day here if I could.


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