Birmingham, AL

I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and I have lived in or around it my entire life. It wasn’t until this past May that I moved more than 40 miles from this great city.

I miss it sometimes. There was always something to do. The night life was awesome. There were clubs, restaurants, shopping, an art museum, and so much more. This city shaped who I am as a person and if I had been raised anywhere else I would not be me.

It was in this city where I learned to walk, talk, drive, and where I discovered who I am. Birmingham held my heart for 19 years and it is so strange to be so far away.

Birmingham is on many lists as one of the top 1o most dangerous places to live, and I have to admit that there is a lot of crime. The crime is not even noticeable unless you are looking for it. I have never had a bad experience being downtown and I have gone to many sketchy places.

Birmingham is one of the many places that I recommend people visit. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the best places in Alabama if you know where to go.


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