A few months after I moved to Mobile, school was back in full swing and I was taking my younger brother, Grayson, to the bus stop. For some reason we were awake earlier than usual. We were both dressed and ready to go so we decided to walk out into the field behind our house.

We went pretty far out and the sun was turning the sky a soft pink. We stood out there and watched as the colors became brighter and bled into the blue sky. We both watched silently and the sun started to peak out over the trees.

Everything seemed to glow in the new light and the warmth hit our faces. There was no sound. The light made everything come to life and all of the creatures started moving, preparing for their day.

We probably stood out there for an hour, but it seemed like no time at all. We walked to my car and drove to the bus stop in silence. It was the best start to my day. I have tried to repeat it, but there’s no way to repeat that sunrise.


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