My freshman year of college was spent at UAB and I was miserable. I was so bored there. It was my fault because I decided to go to a school that never felt like “home”. There weren’t any clubs or groups that interested me and I was suffering because of it. Academics are great, but teens need a social life.

Well I saw a flier for this thing called glowrage and decided to check it out. The first time that I went I went with a few friends and the time pictured above I just went with my friend, Jillian (the guys were the DJ’s).

Each time I went I had a blast. It was so much fun. The music was great, the people were crazy, and the paint was cold. For hours we waited and enjoyed the music.

Then came midnight and the party started. Paint was everywhere. It was in my ears, eyes, hair, and everywhere else. We danced all night and by the time it was over, I couldn’t hear anything because the music had been so loud.

It was so much fun. They have them here in Mobile and I would really like to go to one, but there’s so much to do here that I have a hard time pulling myself away. I plan on going to the next one though. I’ll be in the front row.


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