Best Night in a While.

Okay so last night was one of the best nights that I have had in while. We had our friends from Birmingham over at my house and two of them (a married couple in their 40’s) were going to a Mardi Gras ball downtown. I was selected to be the designated driver for the evening and give them a ride to and from the event.

Mackenzie and I decided to bring our friend, Josh (35 year old), with us to pick them up at midnight. They had had a great night of dancing and consuming adult beverages. They were lit. Heather (the wife) retold the same story like 12 times without realizing it.

About halfway home this yellow corvette drives up on my bumper. Then a black one races around me followed by a charger. They are street racing and I am somehow caught in the middle of it with a car full of adults who aren’t exactly in their right mind. Not to mention that I’m in a Hyundai.

Well we get stopped at a red light by the charger and the dude rolls down his window and it is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He smiles at me and then the light turns green.

He gasses it, but the black corvette is still in front of him so he has to slam on his brakes and stops about a foot away from the bumper of the corvette. We get going again and he goes around my car a few times. A simple cat and mouse game that would be more fun if Heather hadn’t been yelling at the guy through her rolled up window (mostly woo’s and yeah’s).

The charger pulls ahead of us and then is quickly replaced at my side by the yellow corvette who starts making faces and trying to talk to us. They start racing again and then disappear into the night.

Best night in a while.


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