Philosophically Challenged

This semester my academic advisor suggested that I take an easy class so my academic load wouldn’t be too much for me to handle. Well me, being the naïve college student, decided to sign up for Philosophy 110. Holy crap. This class is the biggest load of bs I have ever had to sit through.

I have never in my life had to answer questions such as “Is change real” and “Is motion real”. Why do we questions things that are so evident in every day life? It drives me absolutely insane. I don’t get it. Why are there so many rules? Why are there so many questions? They are questions that you can’t answer.

I think it may have been an okay class, but my professor is the absolute worst. She is one of the “everyone get involved” kind of teachers. She doesn’t explain anything well. The only thing that makes the class worth going to is my friend, Mackenzie.

We were discussing the meaning of Philosophy and talking about the meaning of -phile. She asked if anyone had any examples and Mackenzie shouted out to the dead silent class “PEDOPHILE”. Laughter erupted. It was the best.


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