First Post of the Year

My name is Destiny Williams. I am sophomore at the University of South Alabama working towards my degree in Strategic Communication. I am a member of the Geology Club and on the Dean’s List. I really love my school and my peers here.

I am starting this blog mostly because it’s an assignment for a class, but also because blogs allow you to express yourself. I can say things on here that I couldn’t normally just say. Blogs are a way to show you who I am. I do not read any other blogs, but I would like to start. I will probably keep up with the blogs of my classmates so I can learn more about who they are.

I am hoping that I pick up some useful skills by doing this blog that I can use in my future profession. I would like to do PR at an oil company. I am not sure which one yet. I guess it just depends on who is hiring. This blog will teach me to keep up with others’ thoughts and feelings and will come in handy in the future if I need to run a blog or website for my future employer. I could use a blog to keep in touch with customers and help show a more personal side to the oil business.

I would not have been able to make this blog without the help of this link (


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